Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do Stuff You Don’t Like

Do Stuff You Don’t Like

I hate doing stuff I don’t like. I know BIG REVELATION, right?

I made a career out the pursuit of novelty and the art of avoiding challenges. I have a resume with over 30 jobs to prove it.
(Curious? I’ll list them all at the end of this post.)

My Life
Most of my life I have sought out the, illusive “cool job”

I always thought I was ahead of the game. I thought, “ If I’m willing to go anywhere to find happiness, I‘ll be happy.”

I would look around and find a cool job. I would purse it with vigor. I wouldn’t stop until I got it.

Once I got it, I would study it and break it down. I’d bask in the glory, because I had the coolest job in the world.

Damn You Impermanence
But, nothing lasts forever.

Inevitably, the novelty would wear off. Then I would be stuck in a job that was hard, that I didn’t care about, and that bored me to tears.

I went through this cycle repeatedly:
· Idea/Pursuit
· Acquisition
· Excitement/Love
· Stagnation
· Boredom/Frustration
· Abandonment

Eventually, I started to lose hope.

Maybe, there wasn’t a perfect job out there. Maybe, I didn't have a calling in life. Maybe my life was pointless.

I kept looking for the perfect thing. Alas, the idea in my head never matched the reality on the ground.

One Important Thing
So, what did having all these jobs teach me?

No matter how many jobs you have, No matter how many times you change careers, you always have to do something you don’t like.

This lesson took me forever to learn. But, it taught me how I could work with doing things I don’t like.

This phrase is on a plaque in my childhood home. Translation? Quit your bellyaching!

This is the key to doing things we don’t like

As long as we bitch, moan, and complain about something, we can’t accept it. Complaining = Resisting, Resisting = Misery

When we accept:
· We stop resisting.
· We acknowledge a hard fact.
· We set the intention to work with it.

I’m not suggesting you just give up and say, “OK, I’ll just keep the job I hate. Acceptance and discouraged surrender are not the same things.

Instead, we must accept that there will always be things we don’t like to do.

Border of Difficulty

Your border of difficulty lies at the edge of your resistance zone. Every time I do something that’s hard for me, my border of difficulty expands.

If I avoid what I don’t like my border of difficulty shrinks.

If I lived like this, by the time I’m my parent’s age I’ll be in a tiny box. My own resistance will surround me.

Choose Your Own Adventure
We have a choice. We can choose to resist and suffer and give into this cycle or we can choose to live our life.

We must embrace those hard things that make life better. We have to find what motivates us, when it’s no fun.

For me that thing is teaching, mindfulness, and fitness. Running my own business, I do things I don’t like all the time.

But I love working with people. I love helping people change their lives. So, for me it’s worth it.

MindFitMove Practice
Now it’s your turn.
Just answer this one question:

What makes or would make doing what you don’t like worth it?

Thanks for reading here is my job list (In reverse order):
1. Founder of the Mindful Fitness Movement
2. Political Phone Bank Manager
3. Field Organizer for Political Campaign
4. Enrichment Teacher At A Preschool
5. Head of marketing at a Zen Monastery
6. House Manager at a Mississippi Studios
7. Ticket Taker Mississippi Studios
8. Ski instructor at Timberline
9. Merchandise Rep for Phil Vassar
10. Merchandise Rep For Nashville Merch Company
11.Business consultant
12. Shipping Room Worker
13. Stage Manager for the Gin Blossoms
14. Guitar Tech For the Gin Blossoms
15. Retail clerk,
16. President of Indie Music Organization Start Up
17. Manager of Artist Development Dist Company
18. Rep for On Site Marketing firm
19. Office Assistant
20. Rep for Reggae Record Company
21. Greenpeace Canvas Team Leader
22. PIRG Canvasser
23. Glass Art Salesman
24. Paid High School Wrestling Coach
25. White House Gift Shop Clerk
26. Men’s Clothing Sales Rep
27. Server at Joes Crab Shack
28. Host At Romano’s Macaroni Grill
29. Car Detailer
30. Ran a Sumo Chicken Boxing Ring
31. Baby sitter
32. Bag Boy at Kroger

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